Welcome to HOSPES GROUP.


     Under the Hospes Group banner our companies offers our guests extraordinary services  and experiences that is created by combining businesses and people together who are interested in serving other people.  The result is an extraordinary experience that would make our guest come back over and over.  

     Founding Partner Tim Fray started Hospes Group in 2007 while he was working on a few different projects with completely different services but there was 1 common goal.  Whether you needed a hair cut,  a song recorded,  putting on a show that needed entertainment or to buy clothes, all of these services need People serving other People.     It should not matter what the service is but how we service it.  Bringing together a collection of companies under Hospes Group allows for a consistency of service that surpasses your need to go anywhere else because once you realize the.......

Google Commits $175 Million to racial equity with focus on black-owned businesses.