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     Under the Hospes Group banner our companies offers our guests extraordinary services  and experiences that is created by combining businesses and people together who are interested in serving other people.  The result is an extraordinary experience that would make our guest come back over and over.  

     Founding Partner Tim Fray started Hospes Group Inc. in 2007 while he was working on a few different projects with completely different services but there was 1 common goal.  Whether you needed a hair cut,  a song recorded,  putting on a show that needed entertainment or to buy clothes, all of these services need People serving other People.     It should not matter what the service is but how we service it.  Bringing together a collection of companies under Hospes Group Inc. allows for a consistency of service that surpasses your need to go anywhere else because once you realize the level of service that any Hospes Group Inc. of companies performs you want to find that level of service in all your daily needs.  

     We currently have 10 companies under Hospes Group Inc. and are growing every year.  We guarantee consistency throughout our collection of companies by adhering strictly to company-wide standards.   All these and more makes for an extraordinary experience.


                           Founding Partner Tim Fray was born in Montreal, and raised in Toronto. His career took on many turns before he                              finally fulfilled his true calling in the hospitality and music industry.    Initially he pursued a conventional career                                        in business, he then went on to study music and the creation of music in the studio as both a producer and studio                            engineer. He finally surrendered to his true calling of blending both the hospitality and entertainment world of business.  A multi-talented management executive and musician, he plays multiple instruments. 

     Tim started his hospitality career at Mr Green Jeans in 1984 and throughout the years and many opportunities he landed at Grisantis in the early 90's as a Kitchen Manager which started his hospitality management career.  In the early 2000's he worked with Cara (Milestones Division) and he worked in many capacities opening 9 Milestones across Canada as well as Managing 3 of them.  In the fall of 2006 Tim was brought on as a Operational Manager and Director at Pegasus Hospitality Group (The Palais Royale) and overlooked the FOH operations for 4 years.  During this time Tim was asked to also take on the Director of Audio Visual role as his hospitality experience and the entertainment world blended.  In 2008 he also joined with Nigel Bipatnath and decided to use all their resources and experience and started a company Source Entertainment which tied in with supplying entertainment for the clients events.  During this time Tim bought his brothers company The Traveling Barber and re branded it to Traveling Barber GTA 

    Tim has been a member of the Juno Nominee recording group Selections since 1986 and has performed with many soloist and groups including Deborah Cox, Salome Bey, Keith Washington, Chin Injeti to name a few. With his technical background as a midi/sound engineer and natural feel and vision for writing music, he began producing and engineering music of many genres including jazz, reggae, hip-hop and R&B from the early 90’s.   Partnering up with many people since the early 90's, Tim finally joined Just Platinum Studios (Bermuda) in 2005 and expanded it from 1 room to 3 rooms. Tim has been working through his company Fraycat Productions Media Group with lyricist from Nashville/Texas and Bermuda, and has been writing and producing music that speaks to today.

     In 2011 Tim switched from working for only 1 corporate hospitality establishment and has been working and consulting with multiple hospitality establishments.  He worked with Gordon Food Service for 3 years and managed a territory with just over $2 million a year in revenue and grew it to over $5 million a year.  His customers has grown to depend on his knowledge on operations as a whole and has come to depend on his knowledge to help with their establishment run more efficiently.   In 2015 Tim started a hospitality consulting business Fray & Associates  and in 2017 rebranded to FRAY|MAW Hospitality with partner Jason Maw.  The firm is built on Tim's philosophy on how we treat and service each other, no matter where or what position in life we possess, we need to treat each other the same.   Tim has brought together a network of partners and consultants with hundreds of years of experience from all aspects of the hospitality industry, FOH management, Sommeliers, executive chefs, accountants, real estate, restaurant owners, hotel management, restaurant designers, health and safety and more.

     As Hospes Group Inc. grows, we will keep everyone informed of the new companies that we have added to our roster.   Look out for The SIX Element Music GroupBlaqice Apparel, HPG (Hospes Property Group), TouchBistro Afilliate Partner , Fray Family Foundation, and Phase One Rehearsal Studios by (Need2Rehearse) and Collective Music Nation 

More info will be available as the websites for each company becomes available.  



Thank you




Tim Fray  

President - Hospes Group Inc.







1121 Bellamy Rd N,  Unit 9

Scarborough, ON M1H 2L9


T: 416-949-1633


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